A Truly Connected Experience...

ResHub is a research driven, Resident Engagement Platform that enables residential care providers to deliver a truly connected experience for residents, families and staff.

ResHub is premised on relationship centred care, whereby optimising the social, information, and process relationships between residents, families and staff ultimately enhances resident wellness, while also driving operational efficiencies for providers.



Directly with Residents and Families by connecting them with family, staff and services in their residential community.


Health outcomes for residents by empowering social connections, monitoring wellness indicators and supporting staff to provide personalised care.


Operational efficiencies and organisational transparency by digitising and streamlining workflows, providing user friendly analytics dashboard and powerful reporting capabilities.

The ResHub Resident Engagement Platform

We provide a fully managed, end-to-end service to our clients. This includes hosting, software, hardware, delivery, implementation, training and support services. Our cloud hosted platform is quick to deploy and easy for care organisations to manage.



Resident tablet experience available on Android and iOS

  • Tailored UI for older adults based on Human Factors research provides an easy to use experience for residents
  • Connect residents to the people, information and services in their life to boost engagement and daily wellness


Web application for community staff groups/users

  • Rich feature set to assist staff in providing a personalised experience to residents, and drive operational efficiencies
  • Simple visitor scheduling and eGuestbook functionality
  • Deep reporting and analytics capabilities


Smartphone app for family members, available on Android and iOS to connect them into daily community life

  • Video call their loved ones, individually or group
  • Share pictures and messages/chat
  • Schedule visits
  • Complete surveys and provide meaningful feedback

ResHub provides outcomes for residents, family, staff and owners

  • Empowered and educated
  • Sense of belonging and community
  • Social inclusion
  • Active and healthy living
  • Self advocacy & resilience
  • Peace of mind
  • Informed and connected to their loved one
  • Engaged and part of the experience
  • Connected
  • Meaningful time spent with residents
  • Resident information available at fingertips
  • Digitised, unified workflows
  • Engaged, supported and feeling a greater sense of purpose


ResHub is an open platform with integration capabilities to all other Age Care software you may use. Rest assured we will provide the technical support and guidance to enable a fully connected experience.

  • 1
    Resident Engagement holistic analytical view with actionable insights into overall resident engagement
  • 2
    Concierge analyze utilization and performance
  • 3
    Social Programs resident attendance and participation analysis. Which programs work best?
  • 4
    Family family engagement analytics
  • 5
    Maintenance analyze utilization and performance
  • 6
    Checkin and Guestbook Analytics

We strive to provide the best support possible to our customers.

Our customer partner team will work directly with you to ensure you are getting the right uptake and participation to avail of all the benefits of the ResHub platform.

  • Technical Integrations
  • Resident support in using the tablet and MyHub
  • Staff support in getting the most out of StaffHub
  • Excellent documentation for Family on how best to use FamilyHub

The ResHub Family

ResHub is an Irish AgeTech company backed by extensive research into wellness, successful ageing and human factors. Our vision is to help older adults living in residential communities to age successfully, with a sense of inclusion, dignity and empowerment.

We believe an important part of this process is positively impacting the lived experience of residents through social engagement and connection to all the people involved in their daily life - inside their community and outside.


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